Bacon Hot Dogs: Kraft Introduces Five New Flavors

Bacon hot dogs will be available by June as Kraft introduces five new flavors. The “Bacon Dog” and the four other varieties will be available beginning in June.

The new bacon hot dogs are made with Oscar Meyer bacon and are sure to be a favorite this summer. Kraft will also introduce a chicken breast hot dog and will bring back their Smokies sausages.

As reported by the Chicago Tribune, this is the first time Kraft has offered bacon hot dogs. Jared Baker, director of Oscar Mayer, released a statement about the new product:

“We know Americans love bacon, and we know they love hot dogs, so it seemed like the perfect time for us to introduce our first hot dog made with bacon.”

Kraft Foods Group includes several brands including Maxwell House, and Planters. In recent years Kraft has focused on “reinventing” existing products. The bacon hot dogs are their latest attempt to revise and improve on an already popular product.

As stated at, “Everything should taste like bacon.” Consumers searching for unique bacon flavored products, and seasonings, can find an interesting variety on JD’s website.

Products including bacon infused salad dressing, pop, rub, gravy, croutons, and salt can be shipped nationwide. Inedible products such as bacon flavored envelopes and lip balm are also available.

JD stands for Justin and Dave, who created the company. Interestingly, the company was started using $5,000 that Dave won for an entry to America’s Funniest Home Videos.

The first product they offered was Bacon Salt. With the creation of Bacon Salt, the men realized their dream of “making a condiment that made everything taste like bacon.”

The company expanded their offerings throughout the years. There are now nine varieties of Bacon Salt, including Jalapeno, Cheddar, Applewood, Maple, and Original.

Whether it is bacon hot dogs or Bacon Salt, bacon is a popular and well-loved food and seasoning.

[Image via Flickr]