Google Is Reinventing Itself

Google is in the process of reinventing itself.

In a live blog today, Google has been making announcements about changes it is making to almost everything. The live blog has been happening since 9:00am Pacific, and details have been trickling through.

Early on in the live blog, Google showed a history of Android, giving props to the fact that Apple revolutionized the way mobile devices are used. Had it not been for iPhone, Google knows that Android probably wouldn’t exist. Android was created as a way of bringing a standard to the mobile world.

Google Maps is now smarter and more efficient with battery usage on mobile, as Google says they are always looking for ways to improve battery efficiency with their apps. Google Now is being planned as a replacement for Search, which has gotten smarter, now integrating Maps and Images for a more intuitive interface.

Google Plus has been redone to allow you to sign in across platforms simultaneously. It has been updated to include auto-hashtags which can be removed if they are wrong.

Google has created Android Studio with developers in mind, so the platform is easier to create apps for, and users will encounter less bugs and glitches as a result of development difficulty. It can literally be done from an Android phone with its intuitive design.

Google Play is now improved to offer smarter suggestions based on current data and even Google Plus usage. It will also highlight apps that are made specifically for Tablets, so the chances of discovering the app doesn’t work on your device the hard way have been minimized.

Google Play’s music streaming service will soon available for $10 a month.

A new system being launched is Google Play for Education, which has been recommended by actual teachers. The cost of the apps will go against a school’s purchase account and make Tablets more school-friendly. This could cut down on storage needs as books can also be downloaded to the Tablet.

A new social-friendly app being released is Hangouts, which will allow one-on-one or group messaging.

For those photo editors out there, Auto Awesome will give you the option to make an animated GIF image from a collection of stills. You upload and edit with a variety of tools, and it’s done.

More updates are still to come as the live blog progresses.

What do you think of the changes Google is making?