‘I Will Always Love You’ Singer Causes Plane To Land [Video]

An I Will Always Love You singer caused an American Airlines plane to divert and land. The plane was forced to land when the passenger refused repeated requests to stop singing.

The song, I Will Always Love You, was written and recorded by Dolly Parton. She later sold the rights to Whitney Houston. The song was featured in the film The Bodyguard.

The plane, which was destined for New York, was diverted to Kansas City so the passenger could be removed. According to officials with the Transportation Safety Administration, the disruptive woman was detained, questioned, and then released.

As reported by CNN, the woman was not arrested as the investigation is not complete. She may face charges for failure to obey a federal air marshal.

Officials with the Kansas City Aviation Department state that the women explained her bizarre behavior as a reaction caused by her diabetes.

One of the passengers managed to capture video of the unnamed woman singing I Will Always Love You as she was escorted from the plane. The incident may be humorous for viewers of the clip. However, passengers, who were stranded in Kansas for nearly an hour, did not think it was very funny.

As reported by articlebase.com, changes in emotions and behavior can be attributed to diabetes. Mood swings are found in some patients, and include “express[ing] positive emotions in a very unusual and chaotic manner.” Emotional outbursts are not uncommon in diabetic patients.

As the mood swings and behavioral changes are linked to fluctuations in blood sugar, it is important for patients to keep track of their sugar levels.

If the woman who caused the American Airlines flight to land indeed suffers from diabetes, it may explain her erratic behavior. She has stated to authorities that her diabetes caused her to sing I Will Always Love You, despite efforts to make her stop.

[Image via Wikimedia]