Zoe Saldana’s Weight Published On Allure Cover

Zoe Saldana’s weight, for some reason, was published on the cover of Allure Magazine.

The actress appears on the cover of Allure this month next to the tagline “115 Pounds of Grit and Heartache.”

The magazine was criticized after the cover was released for “unnecessarily” publishing the actress’s weight. The complete cover story isn’t available yet but it doesn’t seem like Zoe Saldana’s weight will play a part in the narrative.

OMG writes: “Every time we seem to be making progress in the way women are portrayed in magazines, somehow we take a step back … [showcasing] Saldana’s digits seems so … unnecessary.”

What do you think about the Allure cover? Do you think it’s strange to have Zoe Saldana’s weight on the cover?

Hilary Levey Friedman, a Harvard sociologist who frequently speaks about body image, said that the Allure cover sends a detrimental message out to women. Friedman believes that the cover implies that you have to “thin and strong” and could encourage eating disorders.

Friedman said: “It used to be common to share numbers like weight and measurements … While it is still common within the modeling industry … more mainstream pop culture has shied away from it. Even the Miss America Pageant stopped listing the weights and measurements of its competitors by the 1990s.”

zoe saldana's weight

Zoe Saldana stands at about 5 foot 7 and by some standards could be considered underweight. But don’t worry, the frail 115 pound actor is still full of grit and heartache.

The Gloss writes:”Isn’t it adorable that someone so tiny feels heartbreak? Isn’t it precious that a slight woman can get gritty? The contrast is just darling: she’s a pretty little thing who thinks she’s people!”

The Frisky adds: “It’s not necessary to know how much an actress weighs, especially since the numbers on a scale reveal very little of the person’s actual health … There’s so much pressure for women, other actresses and models in particular, to look attain a mainstream definition of attractiveness, and how much other women with other bodies weigh is not helpful.”

What do you think of the Allure cover? Does revealing Zoe Saldana’s weight send the wrong message to women?

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