3,500 Potential Witnesses Listed By Prosecutors In Aurora Shooting Case

Approximately 3,500 potential witnesses have been identified by prosecutors in the movie theater shooting case in Aurora, Colorado.

James Holmes’ public defenders have reportedly asked for more time to review the 83-page document listing the thousands of potential witnesses. Although they originally had until May 17 to finish up, defensive attorneys are now requesting a 45-day extension.

“The additional time required is not only because of the sheer volume of witnesses endorsed by the prosecution, but because counsel have been working diligently on other important and necessary matters,” Holmes’ legal team explained.

According to The Associated Press, the defense attorneys are interested in completely a “thorough conflict of interest check with respect to all named witnesses.”

In addition to the 83-page tome listing the 3,500 potential witnesses, around 400,000 pages of documents regarding evidence in the case have been filed. A detective with the Aurora Police Department is currently working full-time in order to keep tabs on all of this information.

On Monday, Holmes explained through his legal team that he wanted to change his plea from “not guilty” to “not guilty by reason of insanity.” Although the judge said he would allow the change, a definition decision on the matter may not arrive until the end of the month.

A different judge entered the “not guilty” plea on Holmes’ behalf last March. The suspect’s public defenders stated that Holmes was not ready to enter a plea in the case.

James Holmes stand accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 others during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises on July 20 of last year. He currently faces 166 counts as a result of the shooting.

The trial is currently set to begin on February 3, 2014. Although the prosecutors and Holmes’ legal team are conflicted on how long it will last, the judge has scheduled the trial for four months.

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