Xbox 720: Microsoft Planning To Ditch Points System [Rumor]

Microsoft may be planning to ditch the Points system, possibly around the launch of the Xbox 720.

For quite a while now, Microsoft Points were the way the Windows company was managing download costs and gift cards, and, for some skeptics, it didn’t make much sense. Why would you convert your money into a number of points just to buy something online?

Apparently Microsoft may be putting an end to the system, ditching the Points altogether in favor of taking the route Sony has been going with. In other words, Microsoft may be planning to simply start using regular cash values instead of Microsoft Points.

You might want to cash in your Microsoft Points gift card soon in that case.

Microsoft has not commented on the rumor, and there doesn’t seem to be any plans to announce it May 21 at the Xbox 720 reveal event. They may be waiting until E3 2013 in June to make the official announcement if there is any basis to it.

Rumors have surrounded Microsoft for months now. Some have proven to be bogus, some like the “always online” aspect of the Xbox 720 shot down possibly after myriads of fan backlash and a certain ex-creative director’s Twitter comments. There was even the cleverly suggested hoax about renaming the system the Xbox Infinity (so clever, in fact, that we ran a couple stories supporting it).

In place of the Microsoft Points system, it is said a new system will seamlessly integrate using regular credit cards and gift cards. The new system could unify purchases across Windows Store, Xbox Live, and Windows Phone and could make the whole purchase system less confusing.

In the meantime, it would only make sense if Microsoft offered credit to gamers still in possession of thousands of Microsoft Points and waiting for new games or DLC they consider worthy of purchase. In that case, might we suggest the Borderlands 2 DLC character Krieg the Psycho, or perhaps Lobo for Injustice: Gods Among Us?

What do you think of Microsoft finally eliminating its Points system? Do you think it will happen with the launch of the Xbox 720?