Left At Hospital With Note, Drunk ASU Student ‘Lucky’

Left at the hospital with just a note on a Post-it, a drunk Arizona State University student was lucky to survive — and now his friends may face charges.

Police haven’t identified the ASU student left at the hospital with a note, but confirm that on Saturday, he was discovered unconscious in a wheelchair at Tempe St. Luke’s Hospital in Tempe.

It was 4 PM that day when the passed out student was discovered by emergency room staff and immediately treated. The 20-year-old is, perhaps unsurprisingly, a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

Before he was left at the hospital, the note was written with some scant information about the ASU student’s identity and condition — Tempe Police Department spokesman Sgt. Mike Pooley said that a friend’s name and number were included, as well as some comment regarding a drinking competition in which the young man consumed a large amount of tequila.

But Pooley said that despite his friends’ “consideration” in leaving the ASU student in the ER, the man was still in significant distress and his life was in danger when ER staff were alerted to his presence:

“He was turning blue in the wheelchair and he was … having difficulties breathing. The emergency room staff treat him very quickly, they’re able to get him checked out and they’re able to actually save his life.”

The drunk ASU student left at the hospital with a note was in dire straits when his condition was assessed, and his blood-alcohol content was measured at five times the legal limit for driving, at 0.47 percent. (A measure of 0.08 percent is considered “intoxicated.”)

Terrifyingly, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother had begun to choke on his own vomit, an occurrence that has often been fatal in binge-drinking populations like college students.

Pooley had some harsh words for the friends of the ASU student who left him with a note at the hospital, saying that while his life was saved, his buddies prioritized a food run over their brother’s safety:

“One of the individuals said he had to go out to eat instead of staying there with his buddy … It’s just complete irresponsibility and not wanting to [experience] consequences for your actions.”

Pooley admits it could have been worse, however:

“The amount of alcohol he consumed in that short of amount of time, it put his life in danger. “He’s lucky that there were at least a few individuals that were there that cared enough to take bring him to get medical attention.”

Do you think the student’s friends who left him at the hospital with a note should be charged for their actions?