Gloria Allred To Represent Lindsay Lohan Punching Victim

Celebrity attorney Gloria Allred is lending her legal expertise to the latest Lindsay Lohan debacle, and though Allred loves her some scandal, she's actually not representing LiLo. She's representing the girl that Lindsay allegedly punched in the face.

We reported earlier that Lindsay Lohan was spotted drinking alcohol and using cocaine by an eyewitness the night she was arrested for assault at the Avenue nightclub in Manhattan. Her lawyer has disputed Lindsay's alleged drug use. The story that most media outlets are going with right now is that Lindsay was attempting to woo The Wanted singer Max George, who was approached by a psychic named Tiffany Mitchell.

Lindsay and Mitchell got into a heated argument (possibly over George, though Mitchell was with her husband at the club) that ended when Lindsay apparently punched Mitchell in the face and spat on her.

Enter Gloria Allred, who will be representing Mitchell when the latest Lohan legal drama inevitably reaches court.

"I can confirm that I am representing Tiffany Mitchell and I have no further comment at this time," Allred told RadarOnline.

Lindsay's legal dance card is filling up quickly once again. She will be arraigned on December 15 on misdemeanor charges of lying to police, reckless driving, and obstructing or resisting a police officer in the performance of his duty. Since it's a misdemeanor, she won't be required to attend the arraignment unless the judge decides otherwise.

Our guess is that even Gloria Allred is too smart to touch that hot mess. Good luck, LiLo!