Ice Cream Poo: DNA tests to confirm who is the daddy!

The story that is gripping the bowels of Australia, just keeps on running. In case you missed it see our previous coverage here. To recap a family was served ice cream with what looked like compounded chocolate, which they allege was shit. All of this took place at the iconic and renowned Coogee Bay Hotel.

Accusations have been traded between the Hotel and the family including industrial sabotage, extortion and that Kevin Bacon may have put the shit in the ice cream, in some sort of weird six degrees of separation defense. Are you keeping up?

Today’s revelation comes from the Australian Food Regulator, which after testing the foreign substance announced that the shit, is really shit or feacal matter to be precise. For real. The authority will do further DNA testing tomorrow to determine whether its an animal or human which produced the “sample”. Apparently the DNA testing will also be able to tell what gender produced it.

The Hotel has declared that it is conducting DNA testing of all its staff to try to rule out that any of them produced the shit that found its way into the bowl of ice cream. It gives a whole new meaning to who’s your daddy!

My favorite revelation of today? That one of the family’s kids was crying and yelling in the restaurant “you made my mum eat poo”. That has got to be the only time its acceptable for a kid to say his mum ate shit.