Dwyane Wade Wears Capri Pants To Chicago Bulls Game

Dwyane Wade channeled his inner Rafeal Nadal with a pair of capri style pants he wore to the United Center in Chicago on Monday.

Wade has made a name for himself in the NBA for his odd fashion choices, which include big-frame glasses, floral-print jackets, and bright colored suits with matching bow ties.

But Dwyane Wade’s attire for Game 4 against the Chicago Bulls was odd, even for him. The Miami Heat guard wore capri style pants that left much of his ankle showing.

The outfit got the attention of the internet, as many sports bloggers poked fun at Dwyane Wade for the goofy get-up, which looked suspiciously like the kind of high-water pants your grandfather would wear.

The Yahoo! Sports minute noted:

“The apparel was definitely more South Beach than South Side for the Windy City native, who also had an assistant alongside him carrying his bag. As you can see from the TNT clip above, the look elicited more than a few ‘C’mon man!’s out of Charles Barkley, his one-time fellow T-Mobile spokesman.”

Wade took plenty of heat for his fashion choice. Frank Isola of the tweeted about the outfit, comparing Wade to the shortest player in the Heat-Bulls series. Isola wrote: “Nate Robinson hasn’t been the same since Dwyane Wade stole his pants”

Other people on Twitter questioned whether Dwyane Wade borrowed the pants from his girlfriend, actress Gabrielle Union. Whether the pants had anything to do with it or not, Wade had his worst offensive game of the postseason in Game 4, shooting 3 of 10 for just 6 points.

Dwyane Wade and his capri pants might get a few more chances to appear in the NBA playoffs. The Heat beat the Bulls on Monday to take a commanding 3-1 lead, and Miami appears likely to be headed to the Eastern Conference Finals.