Nicolas Winding Refn And Ryan Gosling To Make A Comedy

The only thing as predictable as Ryan Gosling’s bankability, is the boasting by directors insisting that they share the same brain with the star. Our guess is to ensure success where it counts. The latest is Drive and Only God Forgives collaborator Nicolas Winding Refn who seems to have struck gold twice with Gosling and wants in on a third time.

“Ryan and I are practically one,” says the press notes for their upcoming film Only God Forgives, and according to reports Refn and Gosling are desperate to team up for a third time “as one” for a comedy.

So far Gosling has excelled in both comedy and drama. The actor has starred in Crazy Stupid Love and Lars & The Real Girl, while one is a straight comedy, the other is a dark comedy, so this project can go either way as far as Gosling lending his talents is concerned. However, something tells us their project will be a little dark. For Refn, whose films are violent noirs, this might be a stretch, but with Gosling under his belt it may be a seamless transition.

The two almost worked together a third time before. Last year both were slated to start production of Logan’s Run, but Gosling dropped out. At the time there was only a mysterious tweet from Variety, but then nothing else was said of it. Refn said of the film that it’s “on hold.” However, the director isn’t just waiting around for Gosling’s schedule to clear up, he’s just as busy as the actor.

Refn is attached to the film Barbarella, which he is producing and directing, and that’s said to take up his schedule for early 2014. If you’re thinking that Gosling will be involved in the TV adapted film, think again. Although, “We did toy with the idea of what Ryan would look like in a catsuit,” he joked.

Are you excited to see the duo’s second collaboration when Only God Forgives hits theaters?