Mindy Kaling Says Her ‘Conspicuous’ Obsession Angers Airport Security

Mindy Kaling has a unique way of irritating airport security.

The former Office star says she is obsessed with very large and very conspicuous jewelry. Since she doesn’t go out of the house without a ton of trinkets on her person, things tend to get complicated when it’s time to pass through airport security.

Kaling recently explained that her fondness for jewelry doesn’t make her the most popular flier when she has to travel. The actress admitted that it takes her quite a bit of time to remove all of the baubles she tends to wear when she’s ready to board a flight.

“I like jewelry that’s big. I like conspicuous jewelry! For the most part, I like for my jewelry to make me feel dainty — not the other way around,” she explained to Us Weekly.

She continued, “At the airport, it takes me 30 minutes to get through security with all of my jewelry.”

Mindy Kaling described her personal style as “new money” mixed with Anne of Green Gables.

“That was my favorite show growing up. I love color, rhinestones, patterns, but I also love the overtly buttoned-up, long sleeved, layered feminine look of women from the turn of the century,” she explained.

When she isn’t starring in The Mindy Kaling Project or deciding which jewelry to wear that day, the talented comedienne can be found hanging out with her contemporaries. Kaling recently spent time with Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler.

In order to properly commemorate the pair’s decision to do shots over the weekend, Mindy shared a picture of the event on Instagram. Kaling and Poehler can be seen sitting in front of a very large tray of drinks.

“I’m kind of a b****,” she wrote.

Are you a fan of Mindy Kaling? What do you think about the writer and actress’ obsession with jewelry?

[Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]