Joe Biden: Chocolate Bullets Would Make World A Happier Place

United States lawmakers have been to figure out a way to reduce gun violence in the country for several months. Some believe that more laws are needed to prevent people from owning guns. Others believe that less laws are needed so that everyone has access to a gun. According to Vice President Joe Biden, what the world really needs is chocolate bullets.

A 7-year-old recently wrote Biden a letter with an idea to prevent gun violence. Myles, a second-grad student at Downtown Montessori Academy in Wisconsin, believes that the gun violence problem could be solved if we had chocolate bullets.

Biden responded to the letter saying that she had a great idea.

Biden wrote: “I am sorry it took me so very long to respond to our letter. I really like your idea. If we had guns that shot chocolate, not only would our county be safer, it would be happier. People love chocolate.”

Virginia Flynn, the head of the school, said that the students were thrilled to receive a hand-written letter from the president. Flynn said that she expected a form letter from the White House and was very surprised when the hand-written note arrived in the mail.

Flynn said: “Everybody was impressed. You should have seen everybody. Their faces were just wide-eyed … The fact that it was handwritten made it really special.”

joe biden

Do you think Biden is on the right path with the chocolate bullet idea? Would the world be a better place if we could shoot each other with dessert bullets?