Syrian Heart Video Claims To Show Rebel Cut Out, Eat Heart [Video]

That Syrian heart video is getting some buzz, so I’ve posted it below for serious adult viewers who have a strong stomach. The piece appears both on the Syrian Truth Facebook page and on the Syrian Truth Network YouTube Channel.

Folks, these posters are clearly taking the Syrian government’s side of the current civil war. As you may know, the conflict has been going on since spring 2011, with the rebels seeking to oust the Syrian Ba’ath party government.

There’s a lot of sympathy in the west for the rebels, and their fight has sometimes been described as part of the Arab Spring movement.

The Syrian pro-government forces know darn good and well that they’re unpopular in some quarters. They have responded in the past by calling the rebels terrorists and accusing them of being members of Al-Qaeda, the group behind the 911 terror attacks in America.

The piece, to me, has the look and feel of another possible smear campaign. I don’t know how many rebels really have time to cut out and eat their victim’s hearts on film.

I was tempted to give the story a complete pass, but a CNN report said that they talked to a rebel named Tariq al Sayed, who said he’s a friend of the guy in the video and that he is indeed a member of the insurgency.

Al Sayed added: “[His] actions do not represent the FSA. His actions only represent himself. This is not just a normal person who sits home. He has had two brothers killed.”

Well, maybe. But I’m not ready to accept a clip as authentic on the word of one guy who says he’s the friend of somebody unnamed.

Another weird thing: Al Sayed also told CNN that he asked his friend to take down the video. Erm, how could he do that if he was in fact a rebel? The video is posted on pro-government pages.

For me, there are too many open questions to accept this video as proof that one side or another has people out there eating real hearts.

I do believe that civil war is a terrible thing and that atrocities will occur. But I don’t need a video to convince me of that.

Again, before you click that button to watch, be aware that even if it’s fake, it’s graphic. You have been warned.

Feel free to share your thoughts. I’m clearly not the final authority on the authenticity of the Syrian heart video.

[Syrian civil war photo courtesy Voice of American News via Wikimedia Commons]