Tim Tebow’s Philadelphia Soul Offer Could Turn Him Into The Next Kurt Warner

Tim Tebow as a Philadelphia Soul quarterback could be just the push the young quarterback needs to eventually become an NFL superstar. The Arena League team recently offered Tebow the QB 1 position, and now it is just up to Tebow to accept.

Tebow was released by the New York Jets on April 29, and, while he has been tied to several possible teams, no offers have come around at this time.

Since being cut, Tebow has been receiving offers from teams outside of the NFL including the Omaha Beef of the Champions Indoor Professional Football League.

Talking about what the league could do for Tebow Philadelphia Soul owner and former Philadelphia quarteback Ron Jaworski notes:

“One [criticism] of Tebow is that he is slow and methodical. He would be forced to quicken it up in this league and it would be good training for him. You can learn a lot in this league. It’s about processing information and getting the ball out . . . or you get whacked.”


While Tim Tebow may see the move to arena football as a step backwards, it could be exactly what he needs to thrive. Former Rams and Cardinals Pro Bowl QB Kurt Warner used the Arena league to develop his talents before he became one of the most successful NFL quarterbacks of all-time.

The Arena Football league requires quarterbacks to think quick on their feet while throwing from inside the pocket. The fast pace could help Tebow develop better footwork while processing play calling and actions at a faster pace.

The question now is whether or not Tim Tebow wants to be QB 2 in a professional league or QB 1 in what amounts to a farm league of sorts.