$120 Egg Sandwich Sold During Bacon Week In Australia [Photo]

A $120 egg sandwich is being sold to celebrate Bacon Week in Sydney, Australia.

4Fourteen chef Carla Jones created the pricey sandwich as a nod to Australian bacon. The item will only be on menus for a week during the celebration spearheaded by Australian Pork Limited.

The $120 egg sandwich includes a number of ingredients. Those looking to properly celebrate Bacon Week 2013 will be treated to bacon, smoked tomatoes, English cheddar, pan-fried duck egg, foie gras, caviar, creme fraiche, and shaved truffles. All of this is served on a homemade bun.

“It’s not something I ever thought I’d be doing but it will be interesting to see how many we’ll sell. I reckon some people will buy it just to see what it’s like. I’m not sure I’d eat it – I’m not that into truffles and stuff like that,” Jones explained to the Daily Telegraph.

Since the expensive concoction sits in a league all its own, Bacon Week organizations have declared the sandwich to be “Australia’s most decadent bacon and egg roll.”

The $120 egg sandwich isn’t the only extravagant item being offered to those looking to celebrate a week’s worth of Australian pork. Organizers have challenged other area chefs to create something to top Jones’ impressive offering.

While the egg roll will definitely set you back a pretty penny, it isn’t the most expensive sandwich ever created by mankind. The Christian Science Monitor reports that the Bacon Bling sandwich offered by a cafe in western England can be yours for a whopping $235.

According to the Guinness World Records, the most expensive sandwich recognized by the organization is the Platinum Club Sandwich found at Cliveden in Buckinghamshire, England. Chef Daniel Galmiche’s creation will cost hungry patrons around $200.

Would you pay $120 for an egg sandwich?

[Top Image via Shutterstock.com]