Man Charges Elephant In Drunken Try For Darwin Award [Video]

Elaine Radford

A man charged an elephant in a new video posted to Kruger Sightings, a YouTube channel which collects video recorded in South Africa's internationally famous and largest national park. The individual appears to be a drunk egged on by the dude manning the camera, and he runs right at the elephant, more or less challenging the animal to add him to the list of Darwin Award winners.

You should watch the video, which I've posted here for your convenience, because mere words won't impress you with the stupidity of the man's behavior.

The whackadoo thing is that Kruger Park is very heavily regulated for the protection of the wild animals, and there are rules posted just everywhere telling you that you can't get out of your car. It's bad for the tourist industry if visitors insist on being eaten by leopards and lions or trampled by rhinos and elephants.

For the record, here's Kruger's clear statement:

"Visitors must remain in their vehicles unless in a designated area. Remember that no part of the body may protrude from a window or sunroof or any other part of the vehicle. Vehicle doors should be closed at all times."

And if you don't follow the rules, then another tourist might just film your antics and hand over the proof to the park rangers, who will then mail you a hefty fine for your violation AND post your photo on the wall of shame at various stops along the way within Kruger National Park.

This guy just made it a little easier to figure out who he is, since it seems to be his own buddy and collaborator who took the video. So the price of becoming YouTube famous may be a 3,500 rand fine -- around $400.

I'm not sure how Kruger Sightings obtained the video, but they stated their disapproval in no uncertain terms: "An Absolute disgrace. Such behavior is not allowed and should never be done."

I'm just amazed that nobody got hurt when this guy's idiot friend encouraged the man to charge an elephant.

[charging elephant photo by Sergey Uryadnikov via Shutterstock]