LinkedIn Bans Prostitutes And Escorts

LinkedIn bans prostitutes and escort services as part of their new user agreement. The popular professional networking site has always prohibited users from networking sexual services. However, the new wording in the user agreement makes it official.

As stated in the new agreement, users may not “promote escort services or prostitution,” even if it is legal in the individuals’ state or locale. As LinkedIn is available in many countries, where prostitution and escorts are legal, they felt there was a need for clarification.

As reported by Business Insider, the wording added to the user agreement specifically states that users may not “even if it is legal where [they] are located, create profiles or provide content that promotes escort services or prostitution.”

Interestingly, LinkedIn still allows users to add prostitution as a skill. The skill is specifically offered under Law Enforcement profiles. LinkedIn further points out that any searches for skills including “strumpet,” and “whore,” will be redirected to the prostitution skill.

In fact, several law enforcement officials and religious leaders have included prostitution as a skill in their professional profiles. Presumably, these skills including working with and not as prostitutes.


LinkedIn bans any professional services which are “unlawful.” The new user agreement now bans prostitution and escorts as users may have found them to be questionable in legality.

Numerous profiles, currently available on the LinkedIn site, suggest that users are indeed advertising sexual services. Bedroom Eyes Escorts, for example, offers “real girls, real images, real profiles,… real trouble.” Their profile states that they are Australia’s number one “Model Companion Agency.” Their services specialize in females between the ages of 18 and 23.

There is little doubt that some professionals currently use LinkedIn to promote prostitution services. However, the new terms of the user agreement appear to be an attempt to clear out the questionable, and now banned, prostitution and escort services.

[Image via Flickr]