Amazon Debuts Dedicated Cloud Player App For Desktop PCs

Amazon on Monday debuted a dedicated Cloud Player app for desktop PCs.

The dedicated Cloud Player arrives just one week after Amazon debuted new iOS compatibility with Ford Sync-enabled vehicles.

While PC users could already access the Amazon Cloud Player through their web browsers they could not sore music offline. The new application also allows users to scan their hard drives for music files that have not yet been uploaded to their Amazon storage locker.

The Amazon Cloud Player allows users to stream any music files they have purchased from the Amazon MP3 store. Users can also stream music files they have uploaded to a cloud-based storage locker.

The free version of the Amazon Cloud allows for an unlimited number of Amazon Songs and up to 250 songs purchased outside of the Amazon system.


Amazon first launched an application for the cloud service two years ago when it arrived for Google Android smartphones. Since that time the Amazon Cloud Player has arrived for OS, Mac, Sonos, Roku, and Ford Sync vehicles.

The cloud space is continuing to heat up as Google, Apple, Amazon, and others fight for the right to store users data outside of their own computers and mobile devices.

For power users who need to store more than 250 of their own songs, Amazon does offer paid Cloud Storage plans that provide for monthly subscriptions.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the Amazon Cloud Storage system, or do you already use a different cloud-based platform that offers similar functionality?