‘The Michael J. Fox Show’ Trailer Arrives Online [Video]

The first extended trailer for The Michael J. Fox Show has arrived online.

The series marks the talented actor’s first starring role since he left Spin City in 2001. Although he’s appeared in a handful of shows in guest roles, the new comedy is a serious step forward for the Back to the Future star.

Judging from the trailer embedded below, The Michael J. Fox Show draws a lot of inspiration from the actor’s own personal experiences with Parkinson’s disease.

Fox stars as Mike Burnaby, a news anchor who quits his job after his struggle with the disease becomes too much to handle. After taking a break and getting his life back in order, Burnaby decides to return to his old job.

The show seems to take a very lighthearted approach to the material without making fun of those who suffer from Parkinson’s. One scenes at the beginning of the trailer finds a police officer asking for Mike’s autograph because his uncle suffers from Alzheimer’s. It’s a humorous moment that paints a good picture of how the comedy will operate.

NBC was quick to bring the concept to series after receiving a pitch from Michael J. Fox. It was immediate from the get-go that the disease would be a focal point on the show.

Fox explained:

“Well, I don’t have a choice. But my personal life — you can sit and project out and say, ‘Oh, I’m going to have this and it’s going to be like this and I won’t be able to do that.’ But it’s much more about right now. ‘What can I do right now?’ Right? I just thought, I love to do this and as much as anyone will let me do it and give me their time to do it – I should do it. And so, I’m doing it.”

The Michael J. Fox Show is set to premiere next season on NBC. What do you think about the new trailer?

[Image via drserg / Shutterstock.com]