40,000 Bees In Bedroom And Not The First Time Either [Video]

40,000 bees in a bedroom wall? It sounds like a Stephen King novel if you ask me, but it was the harsh reality for Tyler Judd in Provo, Utah. You don’t have to take my word for it, because the beekeeper who located the problem swarm has provided plenty of high quality video evidence.

In beekeeper Albert Chubak’s video, you can even see drones (male bees) hatching out. Eek.

The Judds could hear the bees but couldn’t figure out where they were. As you’ll see, Chubak tracked ’em down to the master bedroom walls.

According to local news station KUTV, Chubak believes that someone might have tried to kill off the bee hive five or six years ago. Apparently, they didn’t finish the job, allowing the colony to continue to grow within the bedroom walls. The Judds have only lived in the home about five months, so it wasn’t the world’s most pleasant surprise.

You wondered what happened to America’s honeybees? Well, now you know. Forget all that honeybee colony collapse jive. They’ve been tunneling into bedroom walls in Utah and biding their time until it’s time to bust out and take over the planet.

All kidding aside, I’d say that Albert Chubak’s video is enough to cause heart failure in your average homeowner. The bee swarm he discovered is unbelievable. If termites had stingers, they’d be this hive of 40,000 buzzing bees.

You can see the determined buzzing insects actually removing insulation and doing I don’t know what-all to turn the Judd’s house into a freakin’ beehive. Chubak said that they were sending out colonies in the area, presumably to set up shop in more homes around the neighborhood.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I think I’m gonna pretend I didn’t just see that. I’m getting a little queasy just thinking about 40,000 bees in bedroom walls.

[honeybee photo by Ken Thomas via Wikimedia Commons]