‘Star Trek Into Darkness’: Conan O’Brien Spoils Film … Or Does He? [Video]

Star Trek Into Darkness may have had a major plot point spoiled in a sketch by Conan O’Brien.

Star Trek fanboys everywhere were outraged at a sketch on the Conan O’Brien show which showed fake credits for Star Trek Into Darkness, and one of the credits was apparently a major spoiler. It seems actor Benedict Cumberbatch is actually … a really good actor.

What, did you think we’d just give you a potential spoiler right up front? Read on.

After the sketch that Conan O’Brien viewers called shenanigans on for revealing a major spoiler, the late night show host decided to take the joke a little further and slam us with all kinds of spoilers. In the words of George Takei, “Oh myyyy …”

So the clip from last night’s show, posted below for your viewing pleasure, begins with Conan O’Brien at his desk at usual:

“Last night on the show we did a sketch about the new Star Trek film. Remember that? Okay, and at the end of the sketch, we ran fake Star Trek credits. Fake credits. Well now the site ComicBook.com is claiming that we may have spoiled a major plot point of the new movie in our credits. They really go on and on about it. Well, I have to respond, just to clarify, those credits that we ran were completely fake, okay? We were not trying to spoil anything regardless of what that website says.”

As the video continues, there are some heavy spoilers dropped.

Lt. Uhura gets impregnated with a Klingon baby, a voiceover says while the words appear on screen.

Someone in the audience holds up a sign saying, “Conan, we chose you over studying for finals,” and someone steps in with another sign over it saying, “Kirk’s gay.”

There is a clip where an actor in a blue Star Trek shirt is looking down, saying, “Spock is dead!”

Conan O’Brien introduces the band Iron and Wine, and the lead singer croons about how twenty minutes in, the Enterprise crashes on Tattooine, and Captain Kirk and Princess Leia bang.

If you’ve read this far, please be considerate and don’t tell anyone about these huge spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness. For one thing, none of them are true.

What do you think of Conan O’Brien leaking fake spoilers for Star Trek Into Darkness?