Muslim Soccer Star Franck Ribery Soaked In Beer By Celebrating Bayern Munich Team Mate, Vows Never To Speak To Him Again

A Muslim soccer player for Bayern Munich has fallen out with his team-mate, after he was drenched in beer during their title winning celebrations.

Franck Ribery, who is a devout Muslim, told players to keep alcohol away from him as it is forbidden in his religion to touch the liquid.

Munich’s players were given huge pitchers of beer by their sponsors and coaches to celebrate their saunter to the Bundesliga title and progress to the Champions League final.

The French international warned his fellow Munich players not to involve him in these shenanigans, but Jerome Boateng, a midfielder for the club, decided to chase Ribery around the pitch and then soaked him with a huge glass of beer, pouring it over his head.

Ribery’s response after the incident showed his fury. He stated, “I won’t talk to Boateng again, he knows that I’m Muslim. I’m p***** off.”

Munich’s goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer, also decided to partake in some of the fun, throwing a beer over a female who had brought out the beverages to the players.

At the time Ribery appeared to take the soaking in good spirits, even diving to the floor and cuddling up with the player after the impromptu shower. However, it is completely understandable why he has reacted in such a manner.

Munich have turned into one of the most feared outfits in world soccer recently, especially after they dismantled Barcelona 7-0 over two legs in the Champions League semi-final.

Ribery is regarded as one of the key elements of their attack, and this dispute will surely not help matters before the Champions League final in Wembley at the end of May.

The midfielder recently dismissed rumors that he was about to leave the German side, after he had been linked with both Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Do you think Franck Ribery should be mad at Jerome Boateng? Or has he overreacted?