Yup, It’s true, we have influence – now what?

This is hilarious after a fashion. On one hand we had the big kerfuffle last week about blogs dying off and being replaced by microblogging services like Twitter, FriendFeed etc. Now we have Jupiter Research; who was commissioned by BuzzLogic, saying that bloggers are growing not only numbers but also in influence. Would somebody please make up their freaking minds because this is bordering on being nothing short of stupid. Not only that but we also have some Rubicon Consulting number crunchers saying that word of mouth and online reviews are trumping everything as purchasing influencers. It makes one wonder if these people can even add one and one and come up with two for crying out loud.

According the the report which I came across via Svetlana Gladkova at Profy.com half of the blog readers said that they used blogs to find purchasing information. First off the survey only accosted 2,200 iinternet users as part of the survey so 50% of that works out to 1,100 people who said they read blogs – well I guess that’s a pretty good percentage but when it comes to whether the blogs they read were of Engadget or Inquisitr quality or if in fact they were all like some Dimwitty from Boise blog.

As rosy as this might paint the revenue streams for bloggers with the color green let’s get realistic here. No two sets of numbers are the same which in reality makes them all suspect and full of crap. It doesn’t matter what cute little fad comes along that is proclaimed as the next great communication medium because no two people can agree on that either. It’s all a matter of stupid hype. the best thing we can honestly do is keep on doing what we are doing. Keep on being honest with our readers and let them decide as they always have and always will whether we are worth their attention.

Hopefully here at the Inquisitr we do just that – that is the best we can hope for.