‘Clerks 3’ Script Is Written, May Be Kevin Smith’s Final Film

Clerks 3 is written, says Kevin Smith, who plans on retiring afterward.

Kevin Smith, the man behind View Askew and every film in the Jay and Silent Bob canon except Scream 3, is finished with the first draft of the long awaited Clerks 3. Yes, Jay and Silent Bob were in Scream 3. They mistook Courtney Cox for Connie Chung and she flipped them the bird for it.

Kevin Smith also had a cameo in Ben Affleck’s Daredevil as the mortician, so you know.

Clerks 3 has been called The Empire Strikes Back of the Clerks trilogy, though it would make more sense to call it Return of the Jedi, seeing as it’s the third one. Anyways, Kevin Smith made the statement earlier today on Twitter, “IT IS ACCOMPLISHED! First draft of Clerks III is 137 pages. Plays like the The Empire Strikes Back of the Clerks trilogy.”

If you say so, Kevin Smith. We can only say it could play like The Wizard of Oz and your fans will still gobble it up. You have that kind of following.

Considering the first Clerks was in black and white, and the second one was in color, will the third one be in 3D? It just seems like a fitting progression.

That part of the news aside, Kevin Smith as also announced he is retiring after the release of Clerk 3. He said on Twitter this week, “So with the ‘HIT SOMEBODY’ shift, the minute Jeff Anderson signs on, my last cinematic effort as a writer/director will be ‘CLERKS III.’”

Kevin Smith may still act, but his directing days will be finished after slipping into the overcoat of Silent Bob one last time alongside his now-sober partner Jason Mewes. Just a bit of random trivia for you is that in real life, Jason Mewes is the quiet one and Kevin Smith is the one that talks a lot.

How do you feel about Kevin Smith retiring as a director after Clerk 3?