Asus Eee 1005PR Gets Official

What does Asus have now…about 100 netbooks? At this point I don’t want or believe anyone needs another Asus mini-laptop, but apparently Asus disagrees with the release of the Asus 1005PR.

This newest offering provides a standard 10.1 inch display with 720p resolution, Broadcom BCM 70015 HD decoder and the Intel Atom N450 processor. The netbook also offers 1GB and 2GB RAM options, 250GB HDD and 500GB of Asus online storage.

Connectivity options include WiFi 802.11b/g/n and Bluetooth 2.1 with enhanced data rates, plus a really crappy .6MP webcam. At least the 6 cell battery offers a bit of promise with 11 hours of run time. Ports include three USB 2.0 options, VGA out, RJ45 and a multi-card reader and headphone/mic jacks.

According to SlashGear “The 1005PR will be offered in black, white, pink and blue and will cost in the $400 range.”

I just feel like we’ve seen this all before….like a few hundred times already.