Elisha Cuthbert Eyeroll: Fan Helps Clear Up The Situation

A Leafs fan has helped to shed some light on the Elisha Cuthbert eyeroll situation, saying he’s not to blame for what looked like a moment of frustration between two famous players’ wives.

The incident goes back to Game 4 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Boston Bruins. After Dion Phaneuf committed a turnover that led to the Bruins scoring the game-winning goal against Leafs goalie James Riemer, cameras seemed to catch April Reimer, the goalie’s wife, shooting a nasty look at Phaneuf’s fiance, actress Elisha Cuthbert.

In response Cuthbert appeared to roll her eyes.

The incident led to a backlash among Leafs fans who thought she was criticizing Reimer, and the quick moment created a popular video on the internet, but Cuthbert explained that it didn’t happen the way it appeared. She said the gesture wasn’t directed toward the Leafs goalie or his wife.

Cuthbert (who is newly of work since her ABC sitcom Happy Endings has been canceled), said it’s impossible for fans to see what’s going on based on short clip that offers no context.

Reimer backed her up. The goaltender’s wife took to Twitter to explain that they were both reacting to the rude comment of a nearby fan. For good measure she added a picture of her standing next to Elisha, both of them smiling.

Someone in the crowd at Game 6 on Sunday wanted to let the world know that he wasn’t the reason Elisha Cuthbert rolled her eyes. The fan, seated behind Reimer, wore a shirt that read:”It Wasn’t Me #rudecomment.”