Savannah Guthrie Gets Engaged, Co-Workers Tweet Pictures Of Her Ring

Today co-host Savannah Guthrie recently announced that she is getting married.

Guthrie said she is engaged to former Democratic political adviser Michael Feldman. This will be the second time the 41-year-old anchor has taken the trip down the aisle.

“We’ve been together four years, so, as he said, no one will accuse us of rushing into anything. We adore each other. Our families have been in-laws for years … they were just waiting for us to catch up!” Savannah Guthrie explained on the Today show.

She added, “I got engaged over the weekend. I just came in wearing this ring, hoping one of my colleagues would notice … and no one noticed!”

Michael Feldman called during the show to discuss the engagement and the upcoming wedding. Although the couple hasn’t set a proper date as of this writing, Guthrie’s husband-to-be said they would tie the knot “as soon as possible.”

“It’s not bad being the luckiest guy in the world,” Feldman said during his call.

Savannah also told viewers that she wasn’t sure what to make of her boyfriend’s behavior during their trip to the Caribbean. Apparently it took her a moment to realize what was happening when Feldman dropped to one knee to propose. She said it didn’t dawn on her while it was happening.

It didn’t take long after the announcement for Savannah Guthrie’s co-workers to start posting pictures of her ring on Twitter. Al Roker shared a photo of the impressive item on Instagram. He stated that he would love for the couple to tie the knot on the Today show.

“Savannah Guthrie and her engagement ring. Congrats to her and fiance Mike Feldman,” he captioned the image.

Matt Lauer also tweeted a picture featuring Guthrie and her ring. You can find the picture embedded below.

Are you a fan of Savannah Guthrie? What do you think about the Today show co-host getting engaged to Michael Feldman?

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