4-Year-Old Elected Mayor Of Minnesota Town [Video]

Politicians are often accused of acting like children, but Mayor Robert Tufts has pretty good excuse: He’s only 4-years-old. The town of Dorset recently elected 4-year-old Mayor Tufts, who campaigned on the promise of more naps.

According to Pix11, Dorset elects its mayor every year by picking a name out of a hat. This year, 4-year-old Robert Tufts earned the honor of being the town mayor.

Kathy Schmidt, a fourth generation resident who is a big supporter of Mayor Tufts, said: “He’s amazing. He’s just completely amazing … He’s right in your face and well-spoken. You can’t imagine what a ball of fire he is.”

Dorset is located about 6 miles northeast of Park Rapids and only has a population of 22 people. Despite it’s small population Dorset is considered by some to be the “Restaurant capital of the world” since it has more restaurants per capital than any other location in the United States. The town also employees more people than its population.

The NY Daily News reports that town decisions are made by business owners in the area meaning that the mayor doesn’t have too many responsibilities.

Tufts, for examples, biggest town responsibility is helping people across the street. Despite his busy schedule, the 4-year-old mayor has struck up a romance with a little girl in the town and still finds time to go fishing.

Tufts will get a break from his official duties this summer when the town holds its annual Taste of Dorset festival where residents will be able to add their names to the mayoral race for $1.