Justin Bieber Show Used By Gang To Steal Millions From Johannesburg FNB Stadium

Justin Bieber’s final show at Johannesburg’s FNB stadium in South Africa was used as a cover by a criminal gang to pull off an ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ style heist on Sunday.

While police were distracted marshaling the exit of the 95,000 strong audience that attended the teen star’s show, thieves made off with cash takings from the weekend just hours after it ended.

Bon Jovi also played on Saturday to 70,000. Both concerts were sold out.

National outlets are today reporting that the FNB stadium is on lockdown as an official police investigation which includes forensic experts into the heist begins.

Reportedly, the suspects used ropes and chiseled away at double-reinforced walls for several days to access the safe room.

Then, using ropes, the gang lowered themselves through the hole down a three meter drop.

The suspects managed to steal the cash inside without detection.

In a statement, Gauteng police spokesperson Lt. Colonel Katlego Mogale, said the break-in was noticed by stadium management and the show promoters, Big Concerts on Monday morning.

“It is alleged,” said Mogale, “that the complainant had locked money in the walk-in safe following the Justin Bieber concert and left for home last night at about 23:00.”

“This morning when she arrived to report on duty, she discovered that several doors leading to the main safe had been tampered with.”

“The suspect[s] gained entrance through the bathroom roof leading to the safe wall and forced it open. The suspects then used rope to gain entry from the roof to the safe [and] removed millions of rands in cash.”

Mogale said surveillance video of the premises would be looked at.

Officials are said to believe the heist was carefully planned due to the period of time it must have taken the gang to chisel at the wall.

Deon Mudie, a publicist for Big Concerts, said:

“Big Concerts are not commenting – at this stage on the stage – in light of the ongoing investigation and in the interest in the safety and security of our staff.”

The amount of cash stolen by the gang was 3 million rand ($330,000).