A $120 Egg Sandwich Exists On Aussie Menu

A $120 egg sandwich is the latest high, high, high-end item to hit a menu, this time in Sydney.

The $120 egg sandwich is part of a growing trend of simple menu offerings retooled to be uber-expensive — in recent years, we’ve seen burgers that cost hundreds of dollars and feature toppings like pricey truffles and lobster tail.

A New York restaurant has also promoted a sundae like the $120 egg sandwich — except with gold and diamonds, Serendipity3’s “Frozen Haute Chocolate” (a riff on their popular signature Frozen Hot Chocolate) rang up at a scary $25,000.

So what’s up with the $120 egg sandwich? 4Fourteen, a restaurant in Surry Hill in Sydney, is featuring the costly breakfast item for one week, and UPI describes the ambitious creation:

“The sandwich features award-winning bacon from Slade Point Meat Specialists in Mackay, Queensland, a pan-fried duck egg, semi-dried and smoked gourmet truss tomatoes, duck foie gras, caviar, creme fraiche, shaved truffles and English cheddar, squeezed between a handmade brioche bun. It will be served with a side of chips and shaved truffle aioli.”


The $120 egg sandwich is the idea of 4Fourteen head chef Carla Jones, but Jones herself isn’t too keen on eating it — she explains candidly:

“It’s not something I ever thought I’d be doing but it will be interesting to see how many we’ll sell … I reckon some people will buy [the $120 egg sandwich] just to see what it’s like. I’m not sure I’d eat it — I’m not that into truffles and stuff like that.”

While the $120 egg sandwich is only available in Sydney for a week, it seems the growing trend of uber-luxe menu items is here to stay.

Would you give a $120 egg sandwich a shot just to see if something so basic can really be worth such a high price tag, or will you stick with a $3 bagel shop version?