Charles Ramsey Tattoo: Tribute To A Hero

A Cleveland man now has a Charles Ramsey tattoo, as a lasting tribute to a hero. Ramsey has been credited with finding and saving three women who were abducted and held captive for a decade.

Rodney Rose of 252 Tattoo in Cleveland, offered the tattoo, free of charge, to anyone willing to immortalize Charles Ramsey’s face. Stephen Munhollon, a fellow tattoo artist, took the offer and is now sporting a portrait of Ramsey on his leg.

As reported by Fox 8, the tattoo took a total of five hours to complete. Although Munhollon states that he did not have any previous plans to get a tattoo featuring Charles Ramsey. However, when given the option, he was a willing participant.

Munhollon is proud of his Charles Ramsey tattoo, and has gotten a lot of positive reactions from the community. He is happy to have honored a man that he considers a hero.

Charles Ramsey is now recognized in his Cleveland community for his efforts to save the lives of Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight. The three women were held captive by Ariel Castro, who has been arrested and is currently incarcerated pending trial.

Ramsey gained national attention following an interview with reporters. His friendly personality, coupled with his humble demeanor, won the hearts of many viewers.

Despite becoming an instant celebrity, Ramsey continues his employment as a dishwasher for Hodge’s Restaurant. Hodge’s has created, and are selling, t-shirts featuring Ramsey’s portrait. The proceeds will be donated to Ariel Castro’s victims.

Ramsey contends that he does not need a financial reward for his actions as he is already employed. As reported by the Huffington Post, Ramsey states that would rather see the money go to the three victims.

Although Ramsey is not interested in a reward, a collection was started on on his behalf. Over $15,000 in donations have been collected for Ramsey to date.

Ramsey may not feel like he is a hero, but his friends, neighbors, and community know he is. The Charles Ramsey tattoo is a unique and permanent tribute to the man that save the lives of three women.

[Image via Facebook]