Florida School Bus Driver Charged With Child Abuse For Allegedly Staging Backyard ‘Fight Club’ [Video]

Polk County, FL – A school bus driver has been charged with child abuse for allegedly bringing two feuding teen girls to her home so they could fight. The altercation was caught on cell phone video (see embed below).

According to an affidavit from the sheriff’s department, the driver said of the two arguing teens, “This is going to be handled today and they just need to fight.”

So instead of taking the busload of kids home, the driver allegedly skipped all the normal stops to bring everyone on board to her residence for the fisticuffs on Thursday. The driver, identified by local media as Patrice Sanders, 29, even offered the teen brawlers Vaseline or baby oil to put on their faces to avoid scratches.

The girls, ages 13 and 16, fought in the driver’s yard while everyone — including the driver — stood around and watched this impromptu fight club. Apparently the younger girl told Sanders she didn’t want to fight, but that didn’t fly.

When things calmed down between the duo, Sanders allegedly told all the kids to get back on the bus, but the two girls again began brawling once the vehicle got rolling. The driver pulled over and let everyone watch round two, and then told the others kids “what happens on the bus, stays on the bus.” She then took the kids home.

That night the 13-year-old’s mother reported the incident to police and had her daughter checked out at a local hospital.

Detectives interview both combatants and that night charged Sanders with child abuse, child neglect, false imprisonment, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Additional charges are possible as the investigation continues. The two girls have been charged with misdemeanor battery.

Sanders, who has been on the job for about eight months, reportedly has been fired.

What do you think of a bus driver who apparently thought it was a good idea to encourage two students to get involved in a beatdown as part of a dispute resolution process?

[top image credit: Die4kids]