Future Of Castro House Bleak: Neighbors Want It Torn Down Yesterday

Cleveland, OH – The future of Ariel Castro’s house is pretty bleak. Seeing it as a blight on the neighborhood, neighbors want to see it torn down immediately.

Though authorities are to build a 10-foot privacy fence around the property so that curious comers and potential vandals don’t disrupt the investigation, the future of Castro’s house further down the line is being debated by neighbors and city officials, notes the AP.

City officials want to keep the structure standing, at least until the investigation and trial are wrapped up (which could take years) but neighbors want to see it torn down immediately. They see it as an unwelcome reminder of Castro’s over decade-long crimes, and not just for them, but for the women he kidnapped.

“The girls that was in that house, when they ride by there, if they ever ride by there again, they won’t have to see that, to remind them or maybe scare them,” said one neighbor. “What they went through, I don’t think any human being should ever been through that.”

Castro used the house to keep three women in chains in his basement, though he eventually allowed them to live under close watch upstairs. One victim, Amanda Berry, had a child while in captivity. The 6-year-old was freed with the other women. DNA tests showed that Castro was indeed her father.

Castro is also said to have caused numerous miscarriages on his sex slave victims, particularly one whom he repeatedly punched in the stomach.

What do you think of the future of Castro’s house? Should they tear it down after the trial is over? What do you think should happen to Ariel Castro for his crimes? Sound off!

[Image via: Rashevskyi Viacheslav, Shutterstock]