Jennifer Nettles’ Baby Introduced To The World Through Adorable Photo

Jennifer Nettles’ baby, Magnus Hamilton, was introduced to the world on Mother’s Day through one of the most adorable photos you will ever see. The Sugarland singer released the photo on her website before posting it to Twitter for all to see.

The cute shot is of Nettles playing with her baby boy on the bed while he points up at “mommy” and shines with a beautiful smile. Nettles gave birth to her first son in December, and she has just recently opened up about her experiences as a mother for the first time.

According to People Magazine, Nettles has adjusted well to parenthood over the first few months and couldn’t be happier with baby Magnus.

“I’m excited,” Nettles told People about her newest family member. “He’s super, super sweet.”

She also struck a deal with her husband, Justin Miller, that has gone over very well since their first baby was born.

“We made a deal before he was born. I said, ‘Look, you can cook as long as you want, as long as you come out and latch like it’s your job and have a sweet demeanor,’ ” she added in her interview with People. “He kept his part of the bargain!”

The 38-year-old singer enjoyed every minute of her first Mother’s Day and she even explained her life changing experience, which you can see here on her website. Here’s a shot of Jennifer Nettles’ baby Magnus that she posted on Twitter:

Mother’s Day is always a special moment for those enjoying the day for the first time as mothers, and Jennifer Nettles was no different. She told People that her plans were to have a “Mother’s Day brunch” and to just relax and enjoy the day with her baby.

Is Jennifer Nettles’ baby the cutest thing you have ever seen?

[Image via Creative Commons]