Mediagazer: Yet another Techmeme property for The Inquisitr to be blacklisted from

Steven Hodson

Change the colors, upscale the subject matter and you have another offering from Gabe Rivera and his team at Techmeme called Mediagazer. In a post on Techmeme Gabe says the new property will focus on - you guessed it - The Media.

Whether it is stories about journalism, blogging, video or any other type of digital distribution you will find the hot headlines listed - unless of course it is one of our headlines since these are also subjects we talk a lot about here. Granted I am only assuming that the same blacklisting policy towards The Inquisitr that exists on Techmeme will also extend to their new offering I am pretty sure it is a safe bet.

I might get a little snarky about Gabe's policy in regards to our publication but that won't stop me from wishing him, and his team, the best of luck with the new endeavor.

Besides they picked out such a nice neutral color - don't you think?