Fugitive Caught Sunbathing In Spain [Video]

Crooks just can’t catch a break these days. A kid in Florida eluded police earlier this week only to be caught be an alligator, and now a fugitive in Spain has been caught sunbathing.

According to the Telegraph, a “dangerous fugitive” was caught be police while he was sunbathing at a swimming pool in Costa Blanca. Andrew Moran, who had been on the run for more than four years for armed robbery, is now behind bars and will appear in court tomorrow.

Moran’s arrest may sound like a walk in the park but Matt Burton, Soca’s Head of Investigations, said that it the fugitive was “violently arrested.”

Cops surrounded the villa in Spain while the fugitive was sunbathing before breaching the walls. Moran tried to escape by jumping onto the roof of an outhouse and crashing through a bunch of thick bushes but officers managed to get him to the ground and put him in handcuffs.

Burton said: “Moran thought he could evade capture fleeing to Spain, frequently changing his appearance and using false identities… [We] have the capability to pursue criminals relentlessly, track them down, and put them behind bars.”

Moran was one of Britain’s most wanted criminals and was the last fugitive on a special hit list called “Titan.” He will appear in front of a judge tomorrow as authorities work to have him extradited back to Britain.

Moran was accused of using a machete, baseball bat and handgun to rob a group of royal mail guards of $40,000 in 2005. He escaped custody in 2009 and fled the country. According to the Washington Post, he was convicted in his absence of armed robbery.