US Is The 30th Best Country To Be a Mother [Study]

According to an annual study released by the Save the Children non-governmental organization, the US ranked as the 30th best country to be a mother and have a child.

The 14th annual State of the World’s Mothers report ranked Finland as the best country in the world to be a mother and have a child, followed closely by Sweden, Norway, and Iceland. Sierra Leone, Somalia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo were ranked the bottom three countries in the study which compared 176 countries worldwide.

The Save the Children study based its results on five different factors including per capita income, level of education, amount of women in positions of government, mortality rate for children aged 5 and under, and the lifetime risk for maternal death.

According to CEO of the Save the Children Foundation, Justin Forsyth, “Overall, the world has made unprecedented progress in reducing child and maternal deaths. But there are two big challenges, newborn [deaths] and malnutrition.”

Notably, the US had the largest amount of first day death rates of all industrialized nations, with about 11,300 babies dying on the day that they are born on an annual basis. Additionally, it was found that a mother in the US is 10 times a likely due die from a pregnancy related cause than a woman in Estonia, Greece, or Singapore.

Take a look at the list of the ten best and worst countries to be a mother and have a child, according to the 14th annual State of the World’s Mothers report.

Top 10 Countries To Be A Mother:

1) Finland
2) Sweden
3) Norway
4) Iceland
5) Netherlands
6) Denmark
7) Spain
8) Belgium
9) Germany
10) Australia

Worst 10 Countries To Be A Mother:

167) Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
168) Chad
169) Nigeria
170) Gambia
171) Central African Republic
172) Niger
173) Mali
174) Sierra Leone
175) Somalia
176) DR Congo

Are you surprised that the US placed only 30th on the list? What are your thoughts about the list and the Save the Children study as a whole?

[Image via: Elitravo / Shutterstock]