Video Game Moms: The Despicable Seven

Moms in video games can be some of the worst, but here are seven we can all be happy they aren’t real.

Moms are usually the women we find comfort in, the ones who taught us what we needed to know about manners, hygiene and the like. They also let us cry without making us feel awkward.

Of course, they aren’t all like that, and video game makers are aware of it. They have even made some of the worst mothers we have ever seen in the digital format.

In Bully, Rockstar’s 2006 entry on the PlayStation 2 that let us play the role of that kid we all hated in school, Billy’s mom was just horrible. The garish eye shadow and manner of dress could be forgiven, but not the way she paid little to no attention to her son. She dumped him at Bullworth Academy for a year just so she could take an extended honeymoon. Talk about a cold heart.

The Binding of Isaac includes a mom who is terrible for very obvious reasons. She’s the final boss who tries to kill her son. Enough said.

F.E.A.R. had the infamous Alma Wade. She was one of the types who blamed her rough childhood for her bad behavior. She had been taken as a child and experimented on due to her psychic abilities. She was made to have children with the same powers, but if there is anything you can bet on, it’s that a mother who wants to see the Earth in ashes will not make the best mom.

Dragon Age plays host to another terrible video game mom. Flemeth is a shape shifting witch (really, she uses magic) who regularly turns into a dragon. That in itself doesn’t make her a bad mom, nor does her habit of cross-dressing. What makes her a bad mom is the fact that she had a daughter for the sole purpose of possessing her and avoiding death. Using your kids to maintain immortality is just sick.

Mass Effect hosts another bad mom. Matriarch Benezia says she was brainwashed. She was such a nice person, so her daughter admits, until the Reaper indoctrination turned her evil. Being a major villain with plans to commit genocide is enough to make her a terrible mom.

BioShock plays host to a terrible mom. Brigid Tenenbaum was a German scientist who put her love of science ahead of her own children. Of course, every surviving grownup but the protagonist was that way in BioShock. However, this bad mom’s kids, even if they were adopted, are seen throughout the game. Say hello to the mother of the Little Sisters.

Silent Hill contains a mom who would make anybody cringe. Dahlia Gillespie used her own unborn daughter as a vessel to carry the essence of her dark god. Silent Hill 3 starred her daughter Heather, whose hallucinations were more than just an annoyance. Yup, this mom is just terrible. A video of her is above.

Do you know of any other bad moms in video games?