Man Bulldozes Neighbors’ Property In Fit Of Rage

Port Angeles, WA — A man apparently bulldozed his neighbors’ property in a fit of rage on Friday, though it’s not clear exactly what set him off.

The Clallam County man was so angry at his neighbors on Friday afternoon that he hopped into a large bulldozer and ran over everything in his path — including a full-sized truck.

The man, Barry Alan Swegle, was later booked into the Clallam County Jail for investigation of malicious mischief in the first degree. Jim Borte, a spokesman for the county sheriff’s office, added that investigators were told Swegle, 51, had a long-standing dispute with his neighbors over property lines.

Phil Riley, a neighbor who witnessed Swegle’s bulldozing rampage, stated that the man and property owner Dan Davis, whose two properties were severely damaged, had a dispute that “had been brewing for some time.”

Riley and others watched as Swengle hopped into an International Harvester TD-25 and proceeded to damage four homes, numerous outbuildings, a pickup truck, and a power pole. One house was knocked off its foundation, while the power pole’s destruction knocked out power to thousands of people.

Keith Haynes, who lives near the badly damaged homes, recalled how his neighbor “just went nuts.” Haynes added, “He took a skidder and took out two houses. I mean demolished.” And a skidder is not to be messed with. The giant bulldozer is used in logging. Haynes added that Swegle owned the machine.

Haynes added that the path of destruction Swegle and his bulldozer left was “like a war zone.” Another neighbor, Barbara Porter, wasn’t surprised to see the incident on Friday.

When she heard the bulldozer come to life, she recalled thinking that Barry Swengle was going to start something. Porter added, “We all said one of these days Barry is going to take that dang CAT and he’s going to start tearing up people’s property and that’s what he did.”

Thankfully, no one was hurt during the man’s bulldozer spree. It is unclear how police were able to get the “highly agitated” man to stop.

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