Did You Choose To Be Straight? Viral Video Brings Up A ‘Good Point’ [Video]

Do you choose to be gay, or are you born that way? That question is at the heart of the debate between gay and traditional culture, and prompted Travis Nuckolls and Chris Baker to turn it on straight folk, asking “when did you choose to be straight?”

The video, shot in Colorado Springs, has Nuckolls interviewing bystanders about their sexuality. He leads with questioning whether being gay is a choice, or if homosexuals are simply born that way, as they say.

Most respondents are pretty level-headed, choosing the “happy medium” of “it’s probably a little of both,” suggesting that environmental factors may play a role in how one’s sexuality comes to be. At the least, they give the benefit of the doubt to the “born that way” argument, but leaving room for development to play a part.

Nuckolls then asks “when did you choose to be straight?”

Remarkably, most respondents take the point immediately. They laugh at the question and concede that Nuckolls brings up a “good point,” or respond that they’ve “never thought about it that way.”

The lady at the end is the most clear “they choose to be gay” advocate, but even when she is asked when she chose to be straight, she laughs and confesses that gay people “maybe” don’t make a choice at all.

The video has gotten over three million views since it was published in 2008, and over 8,000 people have “liked” it.


So what inspired the creators to make the video? Simply to “prove that asking the right question can be more important than anything you can tell someone.”

Check out the video below and leave us your thoughts. Do people choose to be straight?

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[Image via: Anchiy, Shutterstock]