Chris Christie Takes Jab From Arnold Schwarzenegger

Former California governor and Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger took a jab at New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Thursday night when the Governator appeared on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jay Leno."

During his interview Leno asked Arnold:

"If Chris Christie runs for president could you get him into shape?"
To which Arnold Schwarzenegger responded:
"Well, Chris Christie does not have a weight problem — he has a water retention problem."
Arnold then went on the offensive, attacking the recently passed Fiscal Cliff deal. Arnold told Leno:
"I think that the American people are so disappointed. I mean, you know, we sent these representatives to go to Washington to do their job and then years after years they bring up the debt."
The Terminator then added:
"Every year it's getting worse and then they sit down and they solve 10 percent of the problem... this is ridiculous. They should all be fired."
Of course Chris Christie has never been afraid to be outspoken on his own, recently blasting his own party for its Hurricane Sandy response while praising President Obama for his efforts during the crisis. The Hurricane Sandy relief bill is full of at least $60 billion in pork barrel spending.

Here's a video of the Governator's playful attack against former GOP member Chris Christie:

What do you think of Arnold Schwarzenegger's statement, is Chris Christie holding water or is he just fat?

In other news, Arnold doesn't regret making the Batman & Robin movie, despite his awfully horrible portrayal of Mr. Freeze.