‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Pilot Rejected By CBS

The Beverly Hills Cop pilot has been rejected by CBS.

Although the proposed television series was generating quite a bit of buzz, it would appear that executives at the network aren’t too impressed in moving forward with the project. It’s currently being reported that the pilot will not go to series at CBS.

The small screen version of Beverly Hills Cop reportedly followed the adventures of Axel Foley’s son. Tropic Thunder and Percy Jackson star Brandon T. Jackson was tapped to star in the venture. Eddie Murphy was also slated to appear in a handful of episodes.

Unfortunately for everyone involved with the project, the pilot has been rejected by CBS. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the series is down for the count. Reports suggest that Paramount and Sony are currently shopping the pilot around to other networks.

Many believed that the Beverly Hills Cop pilot was basically a shoe-in for the network’s schedule next season. Given the amount of talent in front and behind the camera, the fact that the pilot didn’t get picked up is kind of surprising. No reasons have been given for the rejection as of this writing.

The Hollywood Reporter explains that tensions between Paramount and CBS may have led to the pilot getting passed over by the network. If this is the case, then it could mean that Beverly Hills Cop could find a home at another network in the near future.

As Deadline points out, other parties were interested in securing the property last fall before CBS won the bidding war. The Barry Sonnenfeld-directed pilot might get another lease on life should another network decide to bring it to series.

Were you looking forward to catching the Beverly Hills Cop television series next season? Are you surprised that the pilot was rejected by the folks at CBS?