Pink-Stitched Baseballs To Make Debut On Mother’s Day

The MLB will be using pink-stitched baseballs this Mother’s Day.

The league typically uses baseballs with 108 red stitches but this Mother’s Day they’ll be switching it up a little bit in support of breast cancer research and mom’s everywhere.

The league decided to use pink baseballs on Mother’s Day this year in order to increase their efforts in support of breast cancer research. The league has frequently shown their support for the cause over the years and Mother’s Day has become one of the pinkest days in major league sports.

Yahoo Sports reports that the league has been using pink gear on Mother’s Day since 2006. Several players use pink baseball bats when they step up to the plate while others also use pink batting gloves. This will be the first time that the league uses pink-stitched baseballs.

The MLB revealed the new balls on Twitter, writing: “New baseballs w/ pink stitching/graphics for Mother’s Day from Rawlins Sports.”

According to NESN, some of the gear used on Sunday will be auctioned off to support cancer research. The league will also be selling pink memorabilia (everything from clothes to bracelets to bats to baseballs) to raise money for charity.