UFO Wedding: Bride And Groom Take A Spin In Flying Saucer [Video]

A UFO wedding that purportedly shows a bride and groom arriving at the ceremony in Porbander, India in a flying saucer has been posted by an Indian YouTuber named Dwarkesh Diwan. Hey, if nothing else, it’s different. Not every big fat overproduced wedding can boast its own unidentified flying object that arrives amid flashing lights and bursts of fireworks.

Is the video for real? I have no special evidence one way or another, but I don’t immediately see any reason why it couldn’t be.

Las Vegas may feel like it has an iron grip on ridiculous weddings. After all, where else can you find not one but at least two wedding chapels where you can be married by an Elvis impersonator? Someone on Yelp said that they were married at the Elvis Chapel after purchasing the so-called “Hound Dog” package.

Really? I mean, I know it’s a song but…a hound dog package? For a wedding? Erm, you know what the song’s about, right?

Be that as it may, American weddings can certainly be overpackaged and overproduced. In March, CNN Money released figures claiming that the average cost of an American wedding in 2012 was $28,400.

Seriously, people? For that, you can keep the flying saucer and just buy me a car.

Apparently, weddings in India are just as lavish, if not more so. Yahoo India said that Indian weddings are “a larger than life saga.” Apparently, there are wide range of palaces and temples that Indian billionaires can rent for their nuptials. They’re also known for hiring celebrities to appear.

Still, arriving by flying saucer has got to make you stand out from the crowd. I wonder if the happy bride and groom are true UFO believers or just flying saucer buffs looking for a cool visual effect in their wedding video.

Would you consider a UFO wedding?

[UFO photo by Regele IONESCU via Shutterstock]