Vet Allegedly Euthanizes Six Animals, Then Turns The Needle On Herself

A veterinarian reportedly lethally injected her four dogs and two cats before turning the needle on herself. The vet allegedly took her own life on Monday morning at her veterinary surgery clinic.

The body of Dr. Edith Klein was found alongside the bodies of her four dogs and two cats by an employee at the Pet Health Care Center in Pelham, Georgie. Klein was the owner and head vet at the clinic. She was found at around 8:30 am.

The Mitchell County Sheriff's Office reports that a motive for the suicide and deaths remains unclear. Although an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death, investigators believe that Dr. Klein injected herself after she euthanized her animals.

Investigators believe that financial strain may have played a part in Klein's death.

Pet owner are reportedly shocked at the events in such a "quiet place like Pelham." One former client suggested that other vet clinics in the area may have been taking business away from Klein.

"She was just new to us and nobody really wanted to give her a chance, but she was really good," says Kelli Akridge, a former client.

It is unclear whether the 48-year-old vet had family. Detectives have not determined how long her body was in the building before being found.

The Pet Health Care Center's website describes Dr. Klein as "a licensed, experienced, skilled and compassionate veterinarian."

On the center's Facebook page, client comments show that clients were pleased with Klein's practice:

"Wonderful place with so so sweet folks!" One commenter noted, "Thank you Edith (Dr. Klein) and Julie!!!! Finally I have a vet I can depend on with great prices and plenty of love!"

Another wrote: "Dr. Edie is the best vet ever! Here I found the most caring vet and staff ever! :) I love and appreciate ya'll!"

Dr Edith Klein's Facebook page alleges that she completed her studies at J.Sterling Morton East High School in Cicero, Illinois, in 1983, before taking up her studies at Iowa State University.

In other veterinary news, a clinic mistakenly euthanized a cat after it was dropped off at the vet for a flea bath.

The vet was found with her six animals, whom she had allegedly euthanized before committing suicide.