Xbox 720 No More: Xbox Infinity New Next Gen Name

Xbox Infinity is the new name for Microsoft’s next generation console, supplanting several rumored names including the Xbox 720 and Xbox Fusion.

The next Xbox has actually had a ton of different names since it was first rumored back in July of last year and it now seems that one of the domain names might have been a very early hint after all.

If the reports can be believed that Microsoft has officially landed on the new name, then it appears that back when it was registering Xbox 8 websites, it was attempting to tell us all what the new console would be call.

Xbox Infinity’s new logo has also been floated online and of course part of the logo is the sign for the word, which is an eight laying on its side.

Whether this was intentional by Microsoft or just a weird coincidence will probably never bee known. With all the different names that have been floated out there, it is natural to be suspicious.

There are plenty of reasons to doubt any reports, especially since there has also been claims that the next generation console will simply be named the Xbox.

Those claims have apparently been refuted to be false. It would be a bit strange for the company to return to a name it has already used before.

You might remember that Microsoft’s original gaming console carried that moniker and was replaced by the 360.

Whatever the name for the newest entry into the next generation console wars, we will learn what is officially called in just 11 short days.

The company has announced it will have the official unveiling on May 21 and that details will be coming in dribs and drabs after that.

E3 is expected to be one place where we will get a ton of info about the device.

If Xbox Infinity is indeed the new name, do you like it more than the other titles it has supposedly carried?