Joss Whedon $100M Payday Rumor True As Eating Unicorns

The Joss Whedon $100M payday rumor for directing Avengers 2 for Disney is saddled with some other interesting admissions.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, when talking about writing the Avengers 2 movie, Joss Whedon has hinted at mutants being major characters.

The Joss Whedon $100M salary would be quite a whopper if it was true. Directors typically don’t make nearly that much. Robert Downey Jr. raked in between $50 and $70 million from The Avengers, and brought home a cool $35 million from Iron Man 3. The Joss Whedon $100M rumor surfaced after Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, etc. reportedly demanded more money themselves for Avengers 2, with each wanting $5 million right away and a cut of the box office after release. Some claim these contract negotiations are threatening to sink the entire film project.

Joss Whedon is denying the $100M salary rumor:

“I was going to let it slide, but I’ve got this sour taste in my mouth. (Mmmm, lemonade!). Some facts are not facts. I’m not going to go into the whole thing, but jeepers, I’m not getting $100 mil on Avengers 2. If I were, I would come on this site and laugh and laugh and laugh. I’m not making Downey money. I’m making A LOT, which is exciting. I’m not pretending to be a poor farmer, an Everyman, an ANYman. But that number is nuts.”

The Joss Whedon $100M salary rumor was started by Deadline when writer Nikii Finke said this:

“Acknowledging “I’m doing okay” compensation wise, Whedon reportedly has a “really rich deal” worth an astronomical $100M for a combination of product and services including several pics, consulting work, a put pilot at ABC, and many other elements that effectively take him off the marketplace for years and years, one source tells me.”

So Joss Whedon’s $100M deal isn’t necessarily for directing Avengers 2 alone, it’s the entire package over five years, including TV shows like S.H.I.E.L.D. This means Joss Whedon’s salary would actually be closer to $20 million per year, not $100M.

More interesting than the Joss Whedon $100M salary rumors were the other “allegations” packaged with the denial:

  • That I throw wild Hollywood parties where everyone is naked and dancing and wild and I remember to serve enough snacks.
  • That I can get a movie greenlit by sighing and staring into the middle distance.
  • That I ate a unicorn and made it winter for three years.
  • That I “can write.”

Er, um, yeah…

Did you believe the Joss Whedon $100M payday rumor?