Shot Teen’s Mom Consults WebMD Instead Of, I Don’t Know, A Real Doctor [Video]

Houston, TX – One mother might face criminal charges for allegedly turning to after her 14-year-old son was shot instead of taking him to a hospital for professional medical attention.

Sante Fe police said that 24-year-old Peter Jesse Rodriguez, a resident of the home, pointed a handgun directly at the teenager. He was apparently tracking the teen’s movement with the pistol (i.e., he “had him in his sights”) and eventually pulled the trigger. The victim, who will remain unidentified, was shot once in the upper left thigh with a high-caliber bullet.

The teen lay on the floor for several minutes, but eventually got up. Police said that the teen and his mother looked up what to do about gunshots on after the injury.

Seven hours later, she decided to drive him to the Mainland Center hospital.

After initial treatment at the Texas City center, the teen was then transported to Hermann Hospital in Houston where, as of Wednesday, he is in stable condition.

Rodriguez was arrested and charged with one count of injury to a child with intent to commit serious bodily injury. He was held on several bonds, all totaling $151,500. Our guess is, he’s staying in jail for a while.

Investigators are also thinking about pressing felony charges on the teen’s mother for injury to a child by omission. Though the details of the case aren’t completely clear at this point, it’s probably safe to say that you don’t wait seven hours to take your kid to the emergency room after he’s been shot.

What do you think? Should the mother face charges for consulting WebMD and waiting too long before taking her teenage son to the hospital? Sound off!

[Image via: Eldad Carin / Shutterstock]