Lil Wayne Has No Memory Of Seizures

Even though he has been hospitalized for seizures several times in the past few months, Lil Wayne said he has no memory of the events.

The rapper said he would have no idea what was happening if it weren’t for his family, friends, and doctors.

“I told them the other day, ‘Y’all can tell me right now that y’all was lying’, like ‘You know what? We lyin’ ain’t nothin,’ and I’d have to believe them because I don’t know,” the 30-year-old told RapFix Live host Sway Calloway Wednesday. “I go to sleep and wake up in the hospital. I don’t feel anything. I’m 100 [percent], I just hope it stops happening.”

He added, “[There’s] no warning, no nothing. I don’t feel sick. I get headaches real bad. And the headaches? I didn’t get no headaches or nothing.”

In March, Lil Wayne was hospitalized for almost a week after suffering three seizures in a row. The seizures were initially blamed on his addiction to “sizzurp,” but it wasn’t until later in the month that Wayne announced that he has epilepsy, and that he has had many seizures that haven’t been publicized.

“I have people around me. I actually have [seizures] so much they already know what to do. They already know how to handle it,” he said. “Certain times I don’t even go to the hospital, but this time, it was real bad because it was three in a row, and I’ve never had three back to back like that.”

The diminutive rapper landed in the hospital again just last week on April 30, but was released the next day and later tweeted that he was “fine.”

When Calloway asked if Wayne was given instructions on how to keep his seizures under control, he said, “[The doctor] didn’t tell me to do too much that a human doesn’t do anyway. Sleep and eat right, that’s about it.”

Are you surprised that Lil Wayne doesn’t remember his seizures?